Vacation Rental Homes on the California North Coast

Rental Rules

Before Your Stay

24 Hour Between Guest Policy

In order to ensure our guests have pristine, fresh rentals, we put 24 hours between departures and new-arrivals. This period allows our excellent cleaning staff adequate time to properly clean and address any unforseen issues. We want every guest to start their vacation off right, from the moment they walk through the door - Thanks for understanding!


Every privately owned MCR home is a self-catered house equipped with a long list of basic amenities; everything from towels, linens, cooking and dining utensils, TV/DVDs, barbecues, firewood and paper products.

But be aware that you are expected to provide your food, beverages, charcoal, toiletries, esoteric utensils, condiments, and other necessities for your stay.

MCR will provide reasonable supplies of complimentary expendables such as firewood, kindling, soap, and paper products. Additional supplies are at guest's expense.



Keys are to be picked-up at MCR, by the guest of record, before office closes (but not before 3:00pm).

If there are other people in your group who will need a packet as well, guest of record must authorize and make prior arrangements with MCR.

If you arrive after 5pm on your arrival day, a key and a map packet will be left for you in the little house on the barrel next to the steps at the MCR office at 45084 Little Lake Street, Mendocino Village and we will leave the lights on for you.

Your packet will be marked with your name and house name on it. If you need to sign your contract, please do so, and put it in the handy drop box just lift the plastic flap on the little house on the barrel.

Damage Waiver

A non-refundable Processing fee of $100.00 is charged at the time of the guest booking which will cover costs for all unintentional and incidental damage to the property and its contents. This damage waiver is limited to a maximum of $500.00 (short term) and $1,000.00 (30 or more days) damage payment per stay and is in lieu of a refundable security deposit. Any damage exceeding $500.00 (short term) and $1,000.00 (30 or more days) will be charged to the credit card on account.

Minimum Stay

Two night stay minimum, except on designated peak and holiday periods, which are blocked for three or four days.


Please be sure to give family and friends pertinent information to enable them to reach you when you're staying in one of our homes. We do not divulge guest names or home phones to anyone.


MCR accepts Visa and MasterCard. No personal checks are accepted less than three weeks prior your arrival. Payments are due as follows:



They are calculated to the nearest dollar amount, starting with a two-night minimum, based on time of year and length of stay.

Rates quoted include all fees—Current Transient Occupancy Taxes, Cleaning, Processing, Damage Waiver, Hot Tub, Pet 

Reservation Change

We reserve the right to change guest accommodations to a comparable home, based on circumstances beyond the reasonable control of MCR.


Failure to comply with the restrictions below will lead to immediate eviction from the premises, plus forfeiture of rental:


Should your rental home be for sale, you may be requested (but not required) to allow the home to be shown with reasonable notice.


Groceries, gasoline and supplies are available in Mendocino (generally not open past 8 pm) and in Fort Bragg (which normally observes longer business hours).

There are banks and ATM machines in Mendocino and in Fort Bragg. The Coast is served by UPS, Fed Ex and Airborne Express (DHL). Post offices are located in Mendocino and in Fort Bragg.

Information about activities, restaurants and religious services in the area can be found in our local newspaper, at MCR, and the Information Binder at each rental home.


Cell phone service on the Coast is extremely poor and unreliable due to the lack of transmission towers. Chances are, you will not be able to make calls, or receive them, during your stay.

Pay phones in the Mendocino Village do not ring, so you cannot receive call backs on them. There are public booths by the Mendocino Hotel on Main Street, by the Post Office on Ford Street, by the Moose Café on Kasten, and Schlafer's Chevron.



During Your Stay


If you barbecue at you rental home, please don't place the cooker in a wooden deck, but on a paved or gravel walk or driveway, instead.

Beach and Bluffs

The average water temperature on our Coast is only 48–50 degrees; much too cold for swimming without a wet suit. Cliffs and rocks are often dangerous. The rule of thumb is “never turn your back on the ocean.


Several varieties of ticks call the Coast home. They live in tall grass and heavy underbrush. If you walk through such areas, be sure to check yourself, and your pets, before you enter your rental.


Abalone diving is not permitted from any MCR coastal home property.

Emergency Supplies

Your rental is stocked with a limited supply of emergency items, usually located somewhere in the kitchen:

Even if we suffer an area wide blackout, most merchants in Fort Bragg will be open for business.

Energy Conservation

Your efforts toward energy conservation while staying in any MCR home will help keep rental rates down. Please turn off heat and lights when not in use, and always upon vacating your home. Utility rates are very high in the area.

Film Festival

We maintain for our guests a free DVD library with 800+ movies. This MCR vacation added value features many movies filmed in, and around, Mendocino; some featuring our vacation homes. Check out “Cujo,” “Overboard,” “Forever Young,” “East of Eden,” “Same Time, Next Year” and many, many more. There will be a $25.00 charge for each lost, stolen or unreturned video.

Holiday Reminder

If you wish to have a Christmas tree in your vacation home during your stay, go ahead. We ask, however, that you please observe some basic safety rules:

Please be aware that if you leave your tree behind when you depart, MCR Maintenance will dispose of it in a manner complaint with Mendocino County refuse regulations. A fee of $25.00 will be charged to your credit card for this disposal service.


Guest waives all claims for any injury to person or property resulting from accident or injury, or loss of enjoyment, due to power outages, rain, sun, flood, fire, theft, inoperable appliances, equipment, hot tub/spa etc.


Local homeowners are sensitive about trespassing. To help us maintain positive neighborhood relations, please stay on beach paths, close gates, avoid littering, and supervise children in route to and from access.

Guests are reminded that most MCR homes are located in full time residential areas. We ask that you show common courtesy toward your neighbors by respecting their right to peace and quiet, especially at night; not loud music, parties, gatherings, or other disruptive activities, please.


MCR will provide all initial complimentary expendables for the start of the contracted stay, such as firewood, kindling, paper products and soap. Additional replenishments are at the renter's expense.

Septic Systems

Many MCR homes have their own septic tanks for sewage. These are delicate systems, prone to clog and back up when not properly used.

To protect the septic system, we ask that you put only bathroom tissue in the toilet. Kleenex, sanitary napkins, tampons, and Q-tips will cause major failures. (It is for this reason why we don’t provide tissues in any of our homes). In the kitchen, please don’t put coffee grounds, egg shells or grease down the disposal.

Service Calls

It will be appreciated if you save non-emergencies and ordinary booking inquiries until normal office hours. If it is a true emergency, (plumbing, electrical, heating or lock-out), our phone is answered after hours by us so you can always know you will reach a real person

TV Reception

There is no over-the-air television available on the North Coast. Most MCR homes have cable or satellite reception.

Water Warning

The area is water poor, year round. Wells can fail at any time, without warning. Should your system run dry, MCR will make every reasonable effort to restore your service as soon as possible.

We urge you to conserve water at all times. Avoid taking long showers, only do a few full washer loads, and please never use garden hoses for playing water games or washing your vehicles.

After Your Stay


Departure time is 11 am. Keys and videos must be returned to MCR. There will be a $25.00 charge for each lost or unreturned keys and movies.

Departure Checklist

Comment Cards Critique

Twice yearly, MCR has a drawing from the comment cards submitted by guests after their stays. The prize is a Free Two-Night Stay during non-peak/non-holiday periods subject to availability, house restrictions and owner’s participation.

Lost and Found

MCR is not responsible for items lost or left behind in your rental home. If items are found, we keep them for 30 days. If you wish found items to be returned to you, you must send us a package with a return paid postage through US mail or FedEx, not UPS. The latter does not pick-up.


There will be no adjustments, guarantees, refunds, or rebates for problems or failures beyond MCR control such as weather or road conditions, power outages, water and plumbing system breakdowns, TV cable blackouts, pest infestations, guest emergencies, appliance malfunctions, and all other unavoidable occurrences.

Same Time, Next Year

Guests have the option of booking the same house for the same time next year. MCR payment schedule would apply toward the next stay. This is subject to availability, house restrictions and owner participation.